Yumi is a female Keen Gnome portrayed by Roamin in the Roamin's Band of Thieves Campaign.  As the name of the campaign suggests, Yumi is the leader of her party, a band of thieves.


Personality Edit

Yumi is the ruthless leader of the Band of Thieves. Arrogant, she barks orders at all of her subordinates, however she is not above digging through the remains of her enemies in search for treasure. Calculating and conniving, Yumi is a very strong leader, however the most important thing to her is her own life. When faced with defeat or death she is not above running away or surrendering to the enemy. Yumi and Squinks have known each other for a great deal of time, and seem to have a mutual understanding between one another that neither is willing to give up there lives for anyone, and both show respect to the other for this.

Notable Traits and AbilitiesEdit

Yumi is adept at magic, seen through her usage of the Ray of Frost spell and Enlarge enchantment.

Personal ItemsEdit