Abilities Edit

Blockade Edit


The warrior raises up their shield preventing all damage to the warrior and anyone directly behind for a turn. Warriors have to keep their balance while in a blockade. While blocking the warrior cannot be moved, allies may move the warrior against their will instead of moving themselves.

Charge Edit

The Warrior may run forward at full speed in a straight line dealing three damage and pushing any target they run into. Allies may roll to jump on your back and avoid this damage. The Warrior can stop at any time, or when they hit a wall.

Chivalry Edit

The Warrior may jump to the aid of a nearby target, taking all damage they would have taken from an attack. If the Warrior finds the target they are protecting attractive, the Warrior may ignore the Stamina cost of this ability by using a creepy pickup line on said target.

Tosser Edit

The Warrior may lift an adjacent target and throw them at a targeted square. Both targets take 5 damage and are stunned for their next round of combat. Allies can roll to avoid damage and if successful may also attack or use an ability.

Whirlwind Edit

The Warrior begins a whirlwind that allows you to move every time a target finishes their turn. The Warrior may move one space and deal two damage to all targets in melee range. At the start of the Warriors next turn, they become confused.

Notable Warriors Edit