Squinks is a male Gnome Bard portrayed by Deadbones in the Roamin's Band of Thieves campaign.


Personality Edit

Notable Traits and AbilitiesEdit

Personal ItemsEdit


Item Item Trait Gems
Plate Armor Increases max stamina by 10 Armor
Regrowth Potion x2 Restores 1 stamina on your turn until the end of combat Consumable


Item Item Trait Gems
Warp Blade Deals 2 damage, with a chance to warp the character up to 5 tiles away. Weapon, Melee
Spellwall Armor Reduces spell damage by 1 if the player rolls a 10 or higher Armor
Crystal Catalyst Summons 10 Gemlings to assist the adventurers.

Gemlings deal 1 damage, and have 1 stamina.

NPC x10, Consumable
Frog on a Stick Regenerates 1 stamina on your turn, if you are on a tile adjacent to it. Reusable