Abilities Edit

Card Name Description Range Stamina Cost Image
Blink The sorcerer teleports up to 10 spaces away and interrupts another target's turn with one of their own. This is considered a completely separate bonus turn. Using this ability has the chance of making you very dizzy. 10 3
Enlarge The Sorcerer may dramatically change the size of a target or object increasing it up to 4 times the normal size. This transformation will only last a few minutes, but will increase the target's size, strength, and stamina for the duration of the spell. A low roll can have an inverse effect. Use with caution. 5 3
URL Class Sorcerer Enlarge 6-1-2015
Flare The Sorcerer may summon a powerful ball of light in their hands that can be thrown for five damage. The Sorcerer is able to change the properties of this ball in many ways. The Sorcerer can specialize it to blind, burn, change it's size, distance, power, have it explode, or multiply. The more complex it is the harder it will be to successfully cast. 5 1
URL Class Sorcerer Flare 6-1-2015
Ray of Frost The Sorcerer may shoot forth a beam of ice that deals two damage, freezes the target in place, and stuns them for a turn. When using this attack the Sorcerer may say a joke, if the other role-players deem the pun clever enough the Sorcerer may use another action that is not one of their class skills. 5 1
URL Class Sorcerer Ray of Frost 6-1-2015
Rolling Fog The Sorcerer creates a dense fog at a targeted location. The fog expands to nearby spaces each turn until it has expanded twelve times. The fog will morph to protect the Sorcerer, but not their allies. The fog makes m ving and attacking through it much more difficult for everyone, except the Sorcerer. The fog is also quite flammable. 5 3
URL Class Sorcerer Rolling Fog 6-1-2015

Notable Sorcerers Edit