Robert Moran, as he appears in Unforgotten Realms Live.

Robert Moran is often hailed as the creator of Unforgotten Realms Live, as well as Lords of Minecraft and the Buffalo Wizards group. He's been referred to with various names, such as Rurikar, Bruce Willakers, Old Man Willakers, Mojache The Mage, Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon and Rawb, but most commonly, he is referred to as Rob.

Role in Unforgotten Realms LiveEdit

Rob's role in the Unforgotten Realms Live series of campaigns has remained the same. He serves the role of the Dungeon Master or Game Master, making decisions based on the players, their actions, reactions and their dice rolls. Rob also takes control of almost every non-playable character, with some exceptions such as NPCs under a player's control. Rob's icon, depicted above, is only used in the on-stream Heads-Up Display, and has not currently been seen used in official gameplay. Likewises, his commonly associated character from his Minecraft series, Old Man Willakers, has never appeared in any campaigns, despite having an icon present in the game. Since the Nuren Campaign, Rob has been present and kept the role of Game Master for every campaign. 


  • OldManWillakersURL

    The currently unused "Old Man Willakers" icon.

    Rob's Minecraft persona, OldManWillakers, has existing artwork, but has not currently been sighted in the URealms Live Campaigns. This design has been used in Nick Graves' animations though.
  • Every campaign has been streamed and recorded in Rob's perspective.