Roamin's Band of Thieves is the first official URL livestream, in which Roamin leads a band of thieves who are ordered by Nisovin to retrieve a key from a group of elves. It aired on May 30th, 2015.

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Fan art of Philhipé by Conno24.

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Yumi and her band of gnome thieves – Squinks and Gracias – hire a dwarf named Bumbley to be their muscle for their next job they will be getting. In typical thieves guild tradition, the new Bumbley is renamed by the group and is given the name "Dwarf Number Three" which he happily accepts, though with some mild confusion.

The thieves are introduced to their quest by Nisovin and are commissioned to steal a special key from the Spellblade Elves. The group decides to not take his advice (which they originally misheard) and approach the Elven Camp by way of the mountain pass to the north where they are immediately greeted by three Kobolds. The group manages to convince one of the grunts (Pete, later renamed to "Philhipé") that they are decent guys want wanting to pass by but Pete tells them it is not his decision to make and brings the boss over. The Boss immediately takes a dislike to Dwarf Number Three, as he has a hatred for dwarves, due to them taking the resources that the Kobolds like to eat. However, when the guys admit that they aren't completely sure that Dwarf Number Three is a real dwarf, the Boss agrees to let them pass, assuming they don't plan on stealing any of his loot. This seems to be going fine, until Dwarf Number Three tells the boss his name and reveals that he is, in fact, a dwarf – causing the boss to try to punch him in the face and starting an engagement between the two parties.

During the encounter, Gracias stops to give Pete a hug, and eventually convinces him again that they are all good guys, so Pete agrees to sit out with Gracias to watch the rest of the fight. When the Kobolds are eventually defeated, Gracias introduces Pete to the group, with Yumi choosing to rename him as Philhipé.

As the group continues through the cave, Philhipé guides them to a large cavern full of Gemlings and a very large gem. Philhipé always wanted to lick the large gem but his boss had never let him.

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