Nessi is a character first met in URL's first official campaign: Roamin's Band of Thieves. He is found on a bridge with a Bear Eagle companion.

Characteristics Edit

Nessi is a confused gnome who thinks he's a troll. He wears a top-hat and relatively fancy clothing. He loves Dwarves allowing them to pass his bridge at the cost of one treasure, but despises his Gnome-brethren.

Nessi has stated that he has no relatives, whether that's true or not has yet to be elaborated on.

Notable Traits and Abilities Edit

Nessi's most obvious feature is his companion, a hulking bear eagle who has the ability to fly. We have yet to see a bear eagle's true combat potential as the Adventurers tricked Nessi into letting them pass, but there are hints of more to come with Nessi and his large friend.