Abilities Edit

Card Name Description Range Stamina Cost Image
Earthquake Lumberjacks can create tremors in the earth by slamming the blunt of their axe down. 6 squares in a 10 block radius become pitfalls, preventing targets from moving past them. If a square is selected with a target already on it, the target will take 2 damage instead. 10 3
Mount Lumberjacks can climb on top of a target and attempt to dominate it. If successful they can now play for the target on their turns. Targets can attempt to throw the lumberjack off each turn. Lumberjacks must roll when attempting to move the mounted target. 1
Paincakes The lumberjack throws a stale pancake at a target within 5 spaces which deals 3 damage. The pancake is able to bank off of as many targets as the lumberjack likes until a failed roll. Failing a roll forces the lumberjack to take 1 damage for each bounce. 5 1
Woodland Companion The lumberjack summons a Woodland Companion as a pet. The pet deals 2 damage and when attacked the Lumberjack must take the damage or release the pet. Lumberjacks play for their pets on their turns. The pet must be named and not disrespected or else it will leave the lumberjack. The Woodland Companion is decided during character creation. 3
Yodel The Lumberjack releases a powerful yodel in a direction that dazes targets. Dazed targets are less likely to hit their attacks. The force of the yodel can be used to bank the sound off walls and knock small objects over. 10 1

Notable Lumberjacks Edit