Item Example

Example of a standard item1: Card subtype 2: Gold cost 3: Name 4: Description 5: Card Gems

Items are a subset of cards that are purchased prior to the start of a campaign. Each Item card has a value, description, and Card gem that signifies what it is used for. Currently, both Item and Treasure cards can only have a maximum of two gems


Weapons are divided into two classifications: Melee and Ranged.


Melee Weapons are Short Range weapons that can target any opponent within a 3x3 area surrounding the player.

Steel Longsword Edit

Deals five damage.

Bronze Mace Edit

Deal four damage.

Iron Dagger Edit

Deals three damage.


Ranged weapons are used to attack an opponent at range. Ranged Weapons are special in that they can attack from any range indicated on the gem.

Shortbow Edit

Deals three damage.

Slingshot Edit

Deals one damage.


Armor is a wearable item that a player can equip. Armor usually increases the character's Stamina, but can also have special abilities attached. Each character can only equip one Armor card at a time, but can be swapped out at any time with another, provided they are carrying multiple pieces.

Chainmail Edit

Increase users Stamina by eight.

Leather Armour Edit

Increase users Stamina by five.

Plate Armour Edit

Increase users Stamina by ten.


Consumables are, as they are described, used once, then destroyed. Currently, basic Consumables are potions, such as the Rejuvination potion.

Quickness Elixir Edit

The user may use two additional actions this turn, but not another item.

Regrowth Potion Edit

The user restores one Stamina at the start of their turn until the end of combat.

Rejuvenation Potion Edit

The user restore all their stamina.

Treasure Items Edit