Shopping Edit

Shopping may be done in character creation (once they are finished making their characters). Characters are given a set amount of gold to begin. The items are currently balanced on the players having 1000 gold to start. The items are available in the pre-game shop are up to the Dungeon Master's discretion. Cards are have different symbols on them representing its gem classification, range, cost (gold), and use of stamina. It is suggested to offer some weapons, armor, consumables, and a few random treasures.

Items Edit

Card Name Description Classification Range Cost (Gold) Image
Quickness Elixer Allows you to use two additional actions for this turn, but not another item card. Consumable N/A 200
01 - 2cWd5MS-1-
Regrowth Potion Restores one Stamina at the start of your turn until the end of combat. Consumable N/A 200
URL Item Regrowth Potion 6-1-2015
Rejuvenation Potion Restores all of your Stamina. Consumable N/A 300
URL Item Rejuvination Potion 6-1-2015
Shortbow Deals three damage. Weapon 5 500
URL Item Shortbow 6-1-2015
Slingshot Deals one damage Weapon 5 200
URL Item Slingshot 6-1-2015
Steel Longsword Deals five damage Melee Weapon N/A 500
URL Item Steel Longsword 6-1-2015
Bronze Mace Deals four damage Melee Weapon N/A 300
URL Item Bronze Mace 6-1-2015
Chainmail Increases your maximum Stamina by eight. Armor N/A 300
URL Item Chainmail 6-1-2015
Iron Dagger Deals three damage. Melee Weapon N/A 200
URL Item Iron Dagger 6-1-2015
Leather Armor Increases your maximum Stamina by five. Armor N/A 200
URL Item Leather Armor 6-1-2015
Plate Armor Increases your Stamina by ten. Armor N/A 500
URL Item Plate Armor 6-1-2015