URL Card Race Gnome 6-1-2015
Gnomes are, short, elflike creatures with exceptional technological and magical powers.

Description Edit

Gnomes start with one less character ability, but four random treasure cards. Gnomes may use an Item or Treasure card consumable or ability instead of moving each turn.

Sub-Races Edit

Keen Edit

URL Card Race Gnome Keen 6-1-2015
Keen Gnomes may use any Treasure card item their allies have during your turn as if they had it, as long as they are within ten spaces of each other and have line of sight.
URL Card Race Gnome Okagnoma 6-1-2015

Okagnoma Edit

Okagnoma Gnomes may take two Treasure cards and trade them in for a single random Treasure card. If used in combat, they may also use the new Treasure card.

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