Coestar, as he is depicted in Unforgotten Realms Live.

Coe is a main Adventurer on URL. His sarcastic demeanor and witty jokes are just a few of his notable characteristics. So far, all of his characters have been named "Thanks" in various languages.

Characters Edit

These are general summaries of the character's, click the links for an in-depth look at their story line and abilities

Coebat Edit

Thanks Edit

Coe's first URL character from the Nuren Campaign. Thanks is a powerful Monk with the ability to summon a Nimbus Cloud, utilize Spirit Rush, and summon earth pillars.

Gracias Edit

This is Coe's second URL character, from the Roamin's Band of Thieves Campaign. Gracias is a loving Okagnoma Gnome who tries his best to avoid conflict. That being said, he's an excellent fighter, known for his complex strategies and ranged weaponry. As a sorcerer Gracias could use Blink as well as Rolling Fog. During the campaign he managed to make recruit the ally Felipe through his magic hugs.

Play Style Edit

Coestar has taken to playing relatively "good" characters throughout the campaigns. He generally focuses on strategy and diplomacy, and is willing to take one for the team.

Triva Edit

  • All of Coestar's characters have been called 'Thanks' in different languages.
  • Coestar appeared in the Dank Dungeons and Dragons stream as Coebat.