Bumbley is a male Dwarf Warrior played by Justin in the Roamin's Band of Thieves Campaign. He introduced himself to Yumi's Thieves as Bumbley the Hill Dwarf, but offered them to change his name. After much discussion, they settled upon naming him Dwarf Number Three. After their party expanded to house Philhipé the Kobold, the group renamed him to be Kobold Number Four, to which he decided to nickname himself K-4. He was allowed into the group for the purpose of being their resident meat shield, taking and dealing the blunt of the damage of any conflicts they might appear in.

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Personality Edit

Bumbley originally started out as a simple Dwarf, being the quiet unappreciated fourth member of the Thieves Guild. He was often berated and confused as to what the group wanted him to exactly do. It was not until he performed valiantly against a group of hostile Kobolds that his role as the main fighter in the group became clear. Yumi and Squinks, however, prefered to continuously demoralize him by renaming him to Kobold Number 4 and demoting him to be under the command of Philhipé the Kobold.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hill Dwarf

Dwarven Physiology:

  • Longevity: Dwarves naturally live longer than a humans do, living several centuries longer.
  • Dwarven Durability: Dwarves have denser muscle and internal organ structures than humans, allowing them to be more formidable in battle as opposed to less durable races.
  • Dwarven Endurance: Dwarves can do tasks for extended periods of time longer than human or similar races could.
  • Dwarven Strength: Dwarves are known for naturally having strength enough to lift several hundred pounds more than a human who undergoes training could.
  • Subterranean Adaptation: Due to Dwarven culture of living underground, Dwarf is naturally adapted to surviving low-light, underground caves and tunnel systems with ease.
  • Adrenal Activation: Hill Dwarves can run on their own “Adrenaline” after they (or their allies) defeat an opponent. This allows them to attack a close target immediately.

Warrior Training:

  • Self-Sacrifice: Warriors can jump to the aid of a fallen ally and take the damage of any attack about to be dealt to them in a form of “Chivalry.”
    • Verbal Enhancement: If the warrior is physically attracted to the fallen target, then he may use a pick-up line to ignore the tiring effect of using the Chivalry ability.
  • Absolute Defense: When needed, a Warrior can raise their shield to perform a “Blockade” that gives them an impenetrable stance that will protect them and anyone behind from harm so long as they retains their balance. When this is in effect, the Warrior cannot move, however allies may move them.
    • Paralysis Inducement: By using this ability, the Warrior cannot move. Forcing them to either request help to move or break the stance.
  • Enhanced Throwing: With a combination of strength and their warrior training, a warrior can use a technique known as “Tossing.” In which they can through any target near them towards another.

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