Abilities Edit

Card Name Description Range Stamina Cost Image
Borrow Bards may swap this ability with any of their allies abilities, and use said ability. If the cost of that ability is more than the cost of Borrow, you must pay that cost as well. When borrowing an ability the role-player must say "Yoink" or said ability will fail. N/A 1
URL Class Bard Borrow 6-1-2015
Charm The role-player must take a selfie and post it to the social media platform of their choice. Once this has been done you may attempt to charm a target. If successful the Bard may control the targets actions on their turn until the target breaks free. 5 3
URL Class Bard Charm 6-1-2015
Disguise The role-player must change the voice of their character. The Bard may take on the shape of any creature or race until they stop doing the voice, in which case the magic of the spell breaks and you are returned to normal. N/A 3
URL Class Bard Disguise 6-1-2015
Double Down Proclaim that you wish to double something. Damage, size, the effect of a spell. If the host deems this acceptable, roll a die. Should you succeed, said something is doubled. Should you fail, you take 3 damage and are shamed. N/A 3
URL Class Bard Double Down 2015-06-01
Lullaby Create an impromptu song to sing to the table that relates to the events currently unfolding. If your song should impress the Game Master, you may put all enemies who hear it to sleep. 10 3
URL Class Bard 2015-06-01

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